My wedding is featured on The Frosted Petticoat!

So honored to have our wedding featured on the Frosted Petticoat… I designed everything myself, so it’s nice to see it all come together in a blog post. :)

You can see the whole post here:

Who got the Funk?

How to make a whimsical, quirky wedding:  Add a pinch of rustic, a smidgen of neon, a tablespoon of vintage, and a good ol’ helping of funk!  Casey & Amber’s wedding was a stylishly confused affair that came together to make a deliciously fabulous day.  With their personalized monogram as their theme, I think it’s pretty clear who here “got the funk”! 





New to this whole Path thing… Love the UI!!

Yet again, I have failed to complete this year’s sketchbook project. Grrrr. I’m so mad at myself. I always start off strong, and then I get busy with work and it gets pushed to the wayside. Well, I’m putting my foot down! This was the last year for me to be slacking! Next year, it’s on! And as if the good folks at Art House Co-Op new that I needed a little inspiration, they put out this summary of some of the best cover designs from this year’s submissions. Man, are they great. You should check them out below. 

And look for my submission next year….. 




These 35 Limited Edition Sketchbook covers explore patterns in ways that wow us. Variety, color, line, repetition. We dig it. You will too.



[above: cover by Pigeon, from Bristol UK]


[above: cover by Melanie Philpott, from Torquay UK]


(Source: thesketchbookproj)

PAPER and Cosmonaut make a great team


My workflow (and life, if I want to be dramatic) was indelibly changed when my good friend Mike Glass of Pocket Sevens introduced me to PAPER by FiftyThree and the Cosmonaut stylus by Studio Neat. Together these 2 products have not only changed how I do UI sketches, but also how often and how fast I do them. They’ve also inspired me to do more non-work sketches. As someone who constantly has “Sketch more!” on the top of her to do list, this inspiration came as a more than welcome surprise.

If you haven’t checked them out yet, I strongly urge you to do so. The incredibly elegant and simple interface of PAPER is a joy to work with and somehow manages to transform even the most monotonous sketch into something beautiful. And the best part? The app is free. Now if you’re like me, you’ll probably end up purchasing all of the additional “tools” for a total of $8 — well, worth the increase in productivity and creativity! (And if I haven’t convinced you yet, Apple just gave PAPER a design award at this year’s Worldwide  Developers Conference!)


While you can certainly use PAPER without a stylus, to really gain control of the medium you’ll probably find it useful. I had previously tried out a slim pen-like stylus with a mushy tip, but the Cosmonaut stylus blew that piece of crap out of the water. The whole premise is that your iPad screen feels more like a dry erase board surface than a paper surface, so then why try using a pen-like tool when a dry erase marker would be more appropriate? Genius. And they’re right; you feel it immediately.

Check them out and be amazed at how inspired you’ll become.

My Email Campaign is Featured by Campaign Monitor


I’m so excited that Campaign Monitor is featuring my design for POUND jewelry in their HTML email campaign gallery! 

Here’s the article by Carissa Phillips:

You would think that an email newsletter about the latest pieces in a jewelry collection would be image-heavy, but this design for POUND Jewelry by Copal has found a good balance. For instance, using text in your headings is important and the simplest solution is usually best, but we often see a lot email designs where non web fonts have been selected and therefore require the use of images. Copal stayed the course with item headings as text, while being creative with forward slashes and varying tints to make them interesting.

I’m a big fan of pairing Arial as headline text with Courier New as body text; the combination is modern and readable. That said, the two things I would do differently would be to make the ‘Shop now’ call-to-action button actual text and likewise, use more text around the main header image. Overall, this is a great newsletter for highlighting POUND’s wildly creative work!

You can see the entire post here.

Courtesy of Varick…


Happy Tuesday!


father & daughter

I’m the CoWork Jax featured member for this week! Check it out…

MEMBER MONDAY – April 16, 2012 – Amber Aultman

Categories: Blog

Every Monday, here on the CoWork Jax blog, we feature an interview with one of our members. This week, meet Amber Aultman!

Amber Aultman

Company: Copal
Company function: Graphic and web design

How long have you had this company?
Copal has been an official LLC since 2010, but was on hold for a little and restarted on March 1.

Where did you go to school and what degrees do you possess?
I attended the University of Florida and earned my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and had a chemistry minor and then attended the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and studied fiber design.

My favorite thing about CoWork Jax is…
…the sense of community and collaboration.

What is your favorite CoWork Jax event and why?
ArtWalk is my favorite event because it is one of the only times that everyone gets together and just hangs out; we aren’t working, we’re just having fun together.

How many hours do you spend at CoWork Jax each week?
I spend between 40 and 50 hours at CoWork Jax each week.

What is your favorite space to work at CoWork Jax?
My desk, which is the best desk at CoWork Jax.

Where do you order your lunch from most often when at CoWork Jax and what do you usually get?
I tend to bring my lunch a lot, but I like Olio or Burrito Gallery. At Olio, I usually get the house salad with smoked chicken and at Burrito Gallery, I usually get the tofu taco salad.

The funniest thing that I have seen happen at CoWork Jax is…
…2 members almost getting in a play fight at member lunch.

I think that CoWork Jax would be great for a person who wants to…
…grow their business and do things in a more innovative, less traditional way. It is also for the person who wants to have the structure and community of a 9 to 5 job, but wants to work on their own. I also think that it might be great for people who are just out of college and are in need of a community to bounce ideas off of.

My coworkers are better than yours because…
…everyone is really nice and funny and we all work really hard, but we have a really good time doing it.

Finally, the new website is up!!

So it’s been a big adventure, but the new website is finally here. And only 1 week off schedule! Considering all the learning that went into this project, I’m pretty happy with the amount of delay. I hope you like it!